2019 Suzuki Diary Dates

As at October, 2019.


Term 1

15th February             extended early bird cut-off for membership

17th March                 1:45 pm and 2:30 Concordia Chapel, All Comer Concerts

   3pm-5pm, Concordia College, Studio Spectacular rehearsal

31st March                 2pm, Immanuel College Chapel – Studio Spectacular Concert

12th April                   Graduation forms due


Term 2

2nd June                     Graduation concert 1, 1:15 & 2:30, Concordia College

14th June                   Winter Festival applications due

30th June                   1:30 (Ann V & Monica) 2:30 (Anne A), Concordia Chapel,                                                              All Comer Concert

3pm-5pm, Concordia College, Workshop

19th-21st July            Winter Festival, Immanuel (Fri book 2) & Concordia (Sat-Sun)


Term 3 

22nd July                    Showcase audition videos due

25th August                3pm-5pm, Concordia College, Showcase rehearsal

8th September        1:00 (Anne A) 2:00 (Ann V & Monica), Concordia Chapel, All Comer                                          Concert

3pm-5pm, Concordia College, Showcase walkthrough

15th September         2pm-3:45pm, Elder Hall, Showcase Concert

27th September         Graduation forms due


Term 4

 3rd November       Graduation concert 2, 1:15, 2:15 & 3:15

24th November      1:00 (Ann V & Monica) 2:15 (Anne A), Concordia Chapel, All Comer Concert

3pm-5pm, Concordia College, Workshop and AGM @ 4pm